Limai Chinese American School (K-8)

Fairmont Partner School Since December 2016 -Ministry of Education Approval: December 2016

School Overview

Limai Chinese American (International) School was founded in 1995 and is located in the east of the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing. Limai’s mission is to cultivate students as loving and responsible, inspirational and knowledgeable, healthy and happy international-minded people, and to contribute to the development of humanity. The school accomplishes this through the harmonious teaching of philosophy from China and America, using their own innovative international courses, am elite Sino-American team of teachers, and scientific teaching methods.

School Location


Beijing is the capital of China. Not only the seat of government, Beijing is also home to some of the nation’s finest universities, museums, architecture.

Principal’s Message

Liu Xueyan

Limai Chinese American (International) School is held by a group of people who are keen on education and aim to nurture a strong sense of common commitment to its shared goals. We are devoted to guide students to be able to blend the ancient and modern history and traditions together and have a thorough knowledge of both western and Chinese cultures. They learn to appreciate varied cultural backgrounds as well as gain a broad international perspective. The staff at Limai Chinese American (International) School is committed to pay attention to students’ personalities and health, expand their interests and happiness through the acquisition of knowledge thus increasing their passion for learning. There is focus on the basic education courses required in China as well as intertwining content from the United States .The insertion of Fairmont curriculum will equip more and more students to prepare to attend and graduate college in America successfully and be awarded a higher quality of life.