2 + 1 High School Program

Fairmont Schools offers 2+1 programs for Chinese high schools. Students complete huikao exams and classes in their Chinese high school and then come to Fairmont in the US for their final year of high school.

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Those who complete all course work and exams earn a Fairmont joint diploma and graduate in the US. The goal is top US college matches for all graduates.

  • Students in American programs are better prepared for college in the US
  • As more Chinese students apply to US colleges (up 11% from last year), Chinese schools will need to do even more to prepare students to be competitive with the over 300,000 students applying from the PRC. Fairmont has a proven track record of success preparing students from China and the US for college success.
  • Fairmont has worked with international students for over 20 years and we have over 60 years of experience in education in California. Fairmont has been working with Chinese high schools since 2009. We have consistent top college acceptances from Fairmont’s Chinese programs and from our US schools.

“Welcome to Fairmont Private Schools in Southern California! At Fairmont International, we are pleased to partner with your group to offer a customized educator training program for your teachers and administrators. With over 60 years of history offering American education, Fairmont Private Schools is well-qualified to share its professional and leadership development programs with schools all over the world. Our location near a number of Southern California attractions make our custom programs a unique and fun development experience for professionals. We welcome your interest and look forward to hearing from you soon.”

– John Barrier, Director of Global Operations